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General building contractor

With a team of around 100 and a large number of loyal subcontractors, Dero Construct will take care of your general building works in both private and public sectors, for utilities, industry (foods, chemicals, textiles and more), office building, renovation projects and ad hoc works of all kinds, new build multiple-occupancy housing projects, in many cases with complex underground constructions.  

As a general building contractor, Dero Construct has multiple teams for foundations, bricklaying, formwork and concreting, ground/drainage and construction works, as well as plastering and tiling.

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Dero Construct doesn’t only handle new build projects. We also have a lot of experience with restoration and rebuilding of classified or other architecturally important buildings.

As part of total projects and general contracting, as well as for individual, stand-alone works, Dero Construct also handles the building of larger facilities and environmental works (storage and transshipment sites, parking areas, road networks, floodwater basins etc.).

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Project development

Stylish retail premises, functional and affordable small business buildings, modern residential developments and multiple-occupancy housing projects, public access buildings, well planned revitalisation of neglected buildings and sites… Dero Construct and our project companies are all part of a strong track record in the field of project development.

Next to the specific demands in each case, all these projects involve a combination of aesthetics, functionality, budget-conscious planning and execution, sustainability and respect for heritage. The result: project development that creates real added value for users and neighbourhoods alike.

As a building contractor, Dero Construct’s project development role also extends to design, consulting, budgeting, marketing, contact with the notary, support on tax aspects, interior finishing and furnishing… in fact, all the customer’s needs and wishes.

If you’re looking for a reliable project developer to work out your plans, to optimise them and to carry them out efficiently, or if you just want to sell your building land or grant a lease, then Dero Construct is the right partner to help you put your plan into action.

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Brownfield projects

Together with our partner company Sterrebuilding, Dero Construct brings new life to outdates or neglected industrial sites. Brownfield sites are given a purpose, in close collaboration with municipalities and higher government authorities.

We started in 2010 with the development of the Zevensterre brownfield location in Zele, Belgium. The former Van der Eecken silk mill is now a stylish building complex which, after demolition, renovation and new building works, now houses a restaurant, stores, offices, doctors practices, production halls and studios, car parking space and other facilities.

Another brownfield site which is currently under development is Pontrave in Waasmunster, Belgium, where the former heavy industry site located close to the town’s church is now being transformed into a housing project in combination with small business units and a public car parking area.

If you’re looking for a new location for small business units, housing or offices with parking space, offices or lofts with a vintage industrial ‘look and feel’, or any other kind of development, just contact 052 45 02 58 or info@dero.be 

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Design & Build

On request of customers in the private and public sectors, Dero Construct can tender for class 8 Design & Build projects. This is based on our many years of experience in development projects of all kinds, if required working in collaboration with an (independent) developer. 

Architects, advisory firms, subcontractors and other partners are recruited for projects of this kind to work together on creating the right, competitive proposal for each project. After that they can carry out the project in accordance with the customer’s requirements and the applicable standards. This proven project approach has demonstrated its added value many times over.

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Renovation works and building maintenance.

Keeping your building in perfect condition can be a challenge. The same applies to updating existing buildings to meet today’s demands and new types of use. Dero Construct has dedicated teams that can quickly be assigned, and are able to handle your renovation projects, updating and repurposing, maintenance of industrial buildings, production sites and similar facilities. We can also handle structural work, as well as all kinds of (interior) finishing and technical installation works.

For large and medium-size industrial sites, where production facilities in many cases need to be kept operational without interruption (such as hospitals, printing works, production facilities for food, chemical and textile industries), the most complex works have been carried out for more than 30 years with the full confidence of customers and principals.

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Business and industrial premises

Are you looking for business or industrial premises to rent in East Flanders, along the Ghent - Antwerp line? Or for office space with its own stockroom? Or maybe a workshop or production hall? Dero Construct offers a range of business and industry spaces in the Zele area, including short‑term rentals and units of smaller sizes (200 - 300 m2), with or without office space, loading bays or outdoor storage.

Just tell us what you’re looking for and contact 052 45 02 58 or info@dero.be

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