Project development

Stylish retail premises, functional and affordable small business buildings, modern residential developments and multiple-occupancy housing projects, public access buildings, well planned revitalisation of neglected buildings and sites… Dero Construct and our project companies are all part of a strong track record in the field of project development.

Next to the specific demands in each case, all these projects involve a combination of aesthetics, functionality, budget-conscious planning and execution, sustainability and respect for heritage. The result: project development that creates real added value for users and neighbourhoods alike.

As a building contractor, Dero Construct’s project development role also extends to design, consulting, budgeting, marketing, contact with the notary, support on tax aspects, interior finishing and furnishing… in fact, all the customer’s needs and wishes.

If you’re looking for a reliable project developer to work out your plans, to optimise them and to carry them out efficiently, or if you just want to sell your building land or grant a lease, then Dero Construct is the right partner to help you put your plan into action.



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