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Dero Construct was founded in 1989, and quickly grew into a renowned and dynamic building contractor with a Belgian class 7 rating and around 100 skilled and enthusiastic employees. Our offices in Zele form an excellent base for projects located mainly in the Antwerp – Brussels – Coast triangle, for both the private (business-to-business) and public sectors.

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Dero Construct stands out as a multidisciplinary partner with a proven track record of completed projects and experience in a wide range of domains, from utilities, industrial and office building, to specific projects for industry (foods, chemicals, textiles and more), for all kinds of renovation and new build projects, from multiple-occupancy housing projects, in many cases with complex underground constructions. Finally, Dero Construct is also a trusted partner for smaller (ad hoc) projects for regional industry, government and all kinds of public bodies, with specific teams for projects in all these areas.

Dero Construct can operate entirely independently or working together with specific partners, and is also active in project development (small business and industry zones, apartments etc.) working through a number of project developers. Key factors are our experiences with brownfield site projects, and our smooth collaboration with government authorities at all levels, both local and higher.

With almost 30 years of experience Dero Construct has a vast store of building expertise, which is frequently drawn on by our regular customers. With our extensive building expertise, we put quality and price-conscious execution of your project right at the heart of our work. Keeping aesthetic aspects in mind we are constantly looking for economic, functional and ethical solutions, driven by the customer’s demands and using sustainable materials that meet all the applicable standards.


As an experienced and reliable general building contractor, Dero Construct supports its customers and building partners in jointly handling high-quality new build and renovation projects. We not only put the emphasis on technical quality, but also on the transparent and flexible company structure for both customers and personnel.

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Right from the start, whether it’s after signing of the contract or even before any request has been received, Dero Construct is the right partner. We are ready to work closely together with the project principal, architect and other advisors, constantly optimising and coordinating your building project from the start right through to completion.
This is achieved partly thanks to a strong network of specialised subcontractors, architects, engineering firms, public authorities etc., selected to meet the exact needs of your project. Together with these parties, we work to create clear, transparent communication and long‑term relationships.

To achieve these goals, it’s easy to contact people at all levels of our company thanks to the short lines of communication. That means all Dero Construct personnel have a strong sense of responsibility and – especially – pride for what they can do for you. The success of Dero Construct is due mainly to the expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm of our people.

In the recruitment of our personnel, management pay special attention to each individual’s intention to be an involved colleague in a stimulating and safe working environment, as well as considering the normal aspects like education and experience.

Our skilled and dedicated team create a strong basis that we can build on together!

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